Sunday, February 10, 2013

The time has come for a most benevolent, progressive and tolerant political model even known to humanity!

The time has come for a most benevolent, progressive and tolerant political model even known to humanity. You are the generation who will be given this opportunity to decide your destiny. You can either decide to become part of Dajjal or you can revolt against the Taghoot and side with Rasul Allah (sm). You can be cursed or you can be blessed in dunya and akhira.

The destiny is in front of you, within your grasp. First, decide within yourself what you want. Then rise and march towards that destiny. If the nation wants the system of Khilafat e Rashida, NO power on earth can impose democracy or dictatorship upon us. We declare rebellion against Kufr !!

Allah will create ways and means for the millat to achieve this sacred destiny. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Arm yourself with knowledge and spread the light. Allah will send you a leader who will achieve it if you are ready and demand it.

These are our present rulers -- the worst creation on earth, condemned for hell in dunya and akhirat. These are the curses imposed upon us through democracy and dictatorships. The bring us zillat, humiliation, death, hunger and dishonor. If you want to come out of this cycle of curse then stand firm and rebel against the system in your hearts and soul and ask Allah for a Spiritual Leader, a benevolent ruler who brings to us the system of Khilafat e Rashida. There is no other path to glory, dignity and honor.

 We are facing an existential crisis today. Our honor, faith, lands and identity is under attack and our rulers are partners in destroying us. These rulers and their systems cannot save us now. Ask Allah for a Sallahuddin of the time, a Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur -- a Khalifa of Allah on earth -- a slave of Rasul Allah (sm) ! Allah will gift you such a Mujahid only if you ask for it. If you are happey with democracy then you will continue to be humiliated by Zardari, Nawaz, Bilawal and Altaf like snakes.

You have NO idea what a great leadership actually is. He is a blessing of Allah on the humanity. InshAllah, Allah will bless him to us if as ask.

 If there is any khair in any system in the world today, it is because they have adopted it from Khilafat e Rashida. We have the entire system with us but our leaders are cursed to go for the Kufr systems of democracy and dictatorships.

Oh Muslims, rise and take charge of your destiny. Spread the knowledge and demand that Shariat based political model of Khilafat must be established in this Medina e Sani. We reject this Kufr of democracy. We want dignity, honor, safety and our faith applied in our lands. We declare total war against the systems and Taghoot of Kufr. Enough of rebellion against Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) !


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