Thursday, March 7, 2013

A question for the PTI.

We have a question for the PTI.

Is it enough to be from the middle or lower class to become an agent of change ?? Can a man who has no education or experience be appointed as the director of the Shaukat Khanum hospital ? If NOT, then how can he become an MNA or Minister to run the country, even if he is a very honest man ?? Iqbal has defined the attributes of a leader as "visionary, ideologue, thinker, persuasive and spiritual". Does this good painter fulfill this criteria? How will he behave when authority, power and wealth comes into his hand ??

Hazrat Ali has said that when a man gets wealth, power and status, he does not change, he only becomes exposed !! By what we have seen on the dinner parties and elections of PTI, we are seeing their members being exposed more and more everyday.

This is democracy -- built for the kill, loot and plunder.....


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