Saturday, March 9, 2013

Message for thoese who say that we should do "practical" work.

We have a strong message for those who say that we should do "practical" work and come into politics instead of criticizing present political leadership. They want us to make another political party and join the frogs in the pond. They taunt us as to who would bring the model of Khilafat?

Let us explain our strategy to them. We would also strongly advice them to read our book on Khilafat. It has all the answers for the skeptics but for now, we say this:

We reject existing democracy and Dictatorship. So there is no possibility that we we make a political party and join the circus. We are already heavily influencing the national politics and defense of Pakistan when we give our powerful azaan, alhamdolillah.

Our strategy is to revive the ideology of Khilafat, revive the ideology of Baba Iqbal, Quaid and Takmeel e Pakistan. There can be no real change or movement which is NOT grounded in love of Rasul Allah (sm) and love of Pakistan. Rasul Allah (sm), Baba Iqbal and Baba Quaid must remain our center of focus and strategy always.

Our second duty is to defend this Pak Sarzameen against 4th and 5th generation warfare. We analyse threats, develop responses and fight the enemies in the information war. Our strategies, analysis and recommendations are respected by our armed forces and put the enemies on the defensive. We fight them in media and in courts and give covering fire to our armed forces who are fighting the enemies on ground. Alhamdolillah, by fighting against TTP, BLA, Indians and CIA in the information warfare and media, we directly contribute in defense of Pak sarzameen.

Our next duty is to present an alternate model of governance based on Khilafat e Rashida to destroy this filthy democracy and martial laws. The revival of the model of Khilafat e Rashida has now become a mainstream call alhamdolillah !! Now, this is the only model which will be applicable in Pakistan, InshAllah. Entire academic and ideological work has already been done by us alhamdolillah.

If some idiot thinks, this is not practical work, then he can jump in the Arabian sea. We don't give a damn :)

Now, about the future? who and how will we achieve the objective of bringing the Khilafat model when elections are around the corner and no body in power in the country is supporting Khilafat model?

Our duty for now is to give Azaan with sincerity and power, without fear or favor. Alhamdolillah, we are doing this. Never underestimate the power of a sincere azaan.

As the systems of Kufr collapse around us and the nation sees that failure and futility of the fake democracy, more and more powerful patriots are responding to the azaan alhamdolillah. Sooner or later, patriots will intervene to save the country as the state collapses under this corrupt democracy. Patriots, armed forces, youth and all those citizens who want to save this country will unite together as the crisis deepens and government fails. The crisis will force the nation to revert back to Allah (swt). If this nation does not do tauba, Allah will force it to do it. Then the people in power will realize that they cannot escape from Allah.

It is already happening in the country. As the government collapse all around, demands are increasing that army must be brought in. Sooner or later, army will move in -- with or without the elections. Patriots are ready for that moment.

If anyone has any problems with our strategy, then we don't care. We started this mission alone, giving azaan when the nation was in greatest of crisis and confusion and now, after just 5 years, have brought about a radical revival of our ideology, identity and mission, alhamdolillah. We are not impatient and now wait for the judgement from Allah. It is close now. Those who cannot see that and demand elections, will also see now very soon. Just wait. We will NOT be part of this cover nor interested in giving any "chance" to any other newcomer in the circus.

Khair inshAllah !!


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