Tuesday, April 2, 2013

These present elections are the biggest fraud being done officially...

These present elections are the biggest fraud being done officially by the Judiciary, election commission and the politicians. We will keep resisting the process and its modalities. Each voice raised, shake the corridors of oppression. So DO NOT give up nor feel hopeless. Fight back. This is our beloved Pakistan and we will NOT hand it over to the vultures, snakes and scavengers.

As such, following possibilities are foreseen:

1. Election may not take place. That is still a real possibility. Security is a major concern.

2. Election may take place but would be bloody and then cancelled as no one would accept the results amid chaos.

3. Election take place somehow and a hung parliament is created with no one as simple majority, hence another round of chaos and anarchy begins.

4. Election take place and a party emerge as the largest group and form government on its own with little help from other parties. This is a remote scenario, not possible under the circumstances.

Almost all the 4 realistic scenarios above predict a chaos which would engulf the country before or after the elections. 

The only option is to ask army to bring in Patriotic Caretakers NOW for a period of 3 years. In the end, army will have to do this but then it might be too bloody or too late. Ask army to do it NOW. Generate a social media campaign. Write to GHQ and demand a patriotic civilian caretaker government. Support army to save the country from these fraud elections.

Our idea of patriotic caretakers seemed wild and impossible in the beginning but now more and more patriots are seeing the reality of it and are raising their voices. This what happens with truth always.

First, he is considered a man person, a conspiracy theorist, an anarchist. Then when his words start to become truth, his words are taken and accepted as the wisdom of the time.

So raise your voice and keep raising it until even the deaf and the dumb start to hear. Khair inshAllah. We WILL NOT give up.


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