Saturday, June 15, 2013

The government is working under the IMF terms and has to crush the society in total.

It is the salaried middle class which is the backbone of any society. If this class is crushed, then there would be only the rulers and the slaves below. The income tax is deducted directly from the salaries of this class while the upper ruling class and the lower poorest ones never pay any income tax. In any case, income tax is a Haram tax and will be abolished in any Islamic economic system. Direct income tax only gives about 120 billion rupees to the government. If this tax is abolished, the revenue loss would be minimal but the entire middle working class would be most strengthened as thousands of rupees per month from their salaries would be saved. But the government is working under the IMF terms and has to crush the society in total.

The government figures are that in the last Zardari government, almost 3000 billion rupees were lost in corruption !!! If the Nawaz Shareef government had focused on recovering this looted wealth, then the entire national budget of the country would have been available for free with NO taxes and almost free fuel for transport !!!

Instead of taxes, the government should have recovered the looted wealth, imposed Zakat, Usher, Khums and improved the wealth generation capacity of state owned mega organizations and generated wealth from own natural resources like Riko Dek, Saindak, oil and gas, Thar coal and other minerals.

The government should have asked NATO/US to pay for billions of dollars of damages they have to Pakistan -- almost $100 billion dollars so far !!!

It is the corruption and the US war which have destroyed Pakistan. By taxing the nation to pay to the bankers is the most evil economic strategy.

The nation is now up in arms. Government servants are threatening protests, corruption remains rampant, looted wealth remains with Zardari and his gangs and US is still not asked to pay but the poorest of the poor Pakistanis would now even pay tax on milk for the babies !! This is the economic policy of Nawaz Shareef as dictated by Zionist IMF!!

This is the democracy people voted for !! All evil, all kufr, all shirk !!


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