Thursday, July 25, 2013

Like Father Like Son, the cursed Meers !!

Dear Children, alhamdolillah, this is just one battle where Allah (swt) has given us Izzat in a larger war. There are more battles to fight in this war.

DO NOT relax. We have to continue attacks on Aman Ki Asha, GEO, Hamir Mir Jaffar and their boss Mir Shakeel ! They have joined hands with Hindu Zionists to attack Pakistan in these times of war and we will attack them to defend our Sabz Hilali.

Remain decent but very firm and solid. Follow our programs and educate yourself and spread the campaign against these traitors until they stop or repent or we bring them down.

Pakistan's sons are united to defend Pak Sarzameen ! Alhamdolillah !


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