Saturday, August 17, 2013

There is a reason Israelis/CIA/RAW wanted to kill Gen Zia ul Haq Shaheed and they did

In the 80's during General Zia's time, I was a young man who was searching for a true Islamic movement to join. I spent time with Tableeghi Jamaat to test them. Then spent time with Jamiat and then also with Imamia Students organization which was fully backed by Iranian revolution at that time. Most of you were not even born at that time so only know what media tell you or your elders. So listen to me carefully. I have seen all this with my own eyes.

Today, there are sectarian wars all over the Muslim world. In Iraq, In Syria, In Bahrain, In Yemen, In Pakistan, In Saudi Arabia, In Afghanistan... Use your common sense which Allah has blessed you. Is General Zia responsible for all this violence on sectarian lines ????

The entire sectarian wars started as Iran started to export the Shia revolution to the region. Sunni Iraqis and Saudis responded back trying to stop the shia influence. Not just Pakistan, entire Muslim world suffers till today from the mistakes of those times. Why would General Zia start terrorism in Pakistan ??? For God sake, wake up.

In those days, Iranian commandos would secretly come into Pakistan and support Shia militants groups and attack pro-Shah elements or Arab interests. In return, Iraqi and Libyan embassies started to support Sunni terrorist groups. Both Iranian and Arab government made Pakistan their battle field and Pakistan was caught into the middle. This is happening even today all over the Muslim world. General Zia is not doing this.

Similarly, in those days RAW started to invest upon MQM and Altaf was trained to start the movement. In those days, no one knew MQM and it was under the radar. General Zia did NOT create MQM. Many secret services were attacking at that time -- starting from RAW, KGB, Khad, Iranians, Saudis, Iraqis, Libyans, CIA..... Pakistan was fighting a difficult war.

There is a reason Israelis/CIA/RAW wanted to kill him and they did. For God sake, DO NOT be stupid.

General Zia tried his best to stop the Iran-Iraq war. He was also fighting the Soviet-Afghan war. Listen to this. Do we have any leader who is so clear on foreign policy and speaks so strongly ??

Zia Ul Haq On The Iraq Iraq War by MOC_Pak


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