Friday, August 16, 2013

Zaid Hamid on Business Plus - Egyptian crises - 14th August 2013

Our program on Business Plus. Egypt is burning. The US/Saudi backed army is slaughtering the ordinary civilians and the world is silent. While NS did raised a weak whimper initially, he was swiftly given a shut up call by his masters – Saudis and Americans. Another Muslim nation is being brought down while the rest of the Muslim world either is a party in slaughter or too afraid to speak. What a shame for the millat….

The Ikhwan government in Egypt was NOT corrupt, pro-Palestine, pro-Islam, pro-Muslims and was trying to build a block with Pakistan and Turkey but CIA did not approve of the developments.

In Pakistan, it is the army which is the defender of the nation. In Egypt, the army is slaughtering the nation. In Pakistan, the government is a snake. In Egypt, the government was sincere. In both countries, Supreme Court is helping to spread anarchy !


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