Monday, September 30, 2013

Allama Iqbal and Baba Quaid warned us that 'India is NOT a secular state. It is a hardcore Hindu state'.

Remember this:

India is NOT a secular state. It is a hardcore Hindu state. This is what Allama Iqbal and Baba Quaid also hammered into our faith and explained in two nation theory. In the last two days, you have seen the hatred, venom and rage within these Hindu Zionists against Pakistan and Muslims. Their hatred for two nation's theory, their hatred for anything Muslim or Pakistani.

Narendar Modi is NOT a secular but a radical hardcore butcher who is a fascist Hind Zionist. Now he will be the next Indian PM and would control the nuclear button also. He had burnt 5000 Muslims alive in Gujarat and many countries refuse visa to him for genocide crimes.

This is the reality of Hindu India today. There can be no peace with such snakes. Negotiations can only be done in the battlefield of Paniput, with the tip of our swords ! Thats the only language these snakes understand. 1000 years of history prove this fact.

Never ever forget what Baba Quaid told us.


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