Saturday, September 7, 2013

The most romantic era for the PAF and a moment of true glory !

It was the most romantic era for the PAF and a moment of true glory ! PAF had its crowning glory on 7th when MM Alam shot down 5 Indian fighters in under 30 seconds, a total of 11 Indian planes were shot that day, giving a clear air supremacy to PAF. From then on wards, it was only PAF in the skies over India ! We could have captured Delhi !!!!

Such was the desperate state of Indian army that one Indian wrote:

"...a major battle the west of the Beas would end in the destruction of the Indian Army and thereafter allow the enemy (Pakistani) forces to push to the gates of Delhi without much resistance."
1965 WAR-The Inside Story by R.D. Pradhan

On 6th September PAF ace fighter pilot Sarfraz Rafiquie was shot down over Halwara after he had destroyed one Indian fighter but then his own guns jammed but still he refused to leave the fight and kept protecting the back of his wingman Cecil Chaudrey until Sarfraz was shot down protecting his comrade. The entire PAF was sad over loss of Sarfraz. Then MM Alam gave a motivational speech and encouraged the fighters to take revenge of Sarfraz and then on 7th September, Alam himself went out to lead the attacks and shot down 5 Indian fighters creating a world record.

What an amazing era it was. We had Nur Khan as air chief, then MM Alam, Rafiqui, Nosy Haider, Yunus, Cecil Chaudrey.... all young fighter pilots flying in F-86 sabres creating history which have never been matched since. Those were proud patriots, passionate about their missions and profession and die hard fanatics to defeat India. Such is the tradition of PAF crafted by such great men.

I have the personal honor or meeting many of them -- especially MM Alam sahib with whom I have spent time in battlefields of Afghanistan as well. MashAllah, true honor indeed.


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