Saturday, September 7, 2013

Incredible records of courage and ingenuity during the 1965 war!

Incredible records of courage and ingenuity were created during the 1965 war. Indian air force has about 466 different aircraft while PAF had around 203.

The Air Chief Nur Khan led the first bombing attacks himself into Kashmir just to make sure how difficult these operations would be. For the first time in any air war history, Air Chief led the attacks himself. This kind of unbelievable leadership made PAF into a deadly fighting machine.

C-130 transporters were used for the first time in the world as Bombers, an ingenuous way to compensate for lack of heavy bombers. Indians were shell shocked as they knew that Pakistan does not have heavy bombers but then we were dropping bombs on them in mind boggling quantities.

For the first time in the world, a super sonic aircraft Star fighter F104 shot down an enemy aircraft in air to air combat. Indians were terrified of this monster aircraft which flew like a bullet though the actual fighting was done by much slower F-86 Sabres.

M. M. Alam created the stunning world record of destroying 5 Indian aircraft in just 30 seconds, which still holds strong for any air force in the world, even after 48 years !!

Within 3 days of the war, Indian air force was not to be seen in air, either above Pakistan or even above Indian skies... There is a reason why Indians thought that now Pakistan would march up to Delhi !!

The job left unfinished, will be done inshAllah, now during the next battle of Ghazwa e Hind !!!!


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