Sunday, September 1, 2013

This is our clear and last warning....

After Crusades 1000 years ago, After the destruction of Baghdad at the hands of Halaku 800 years ago, after the collapse of Khilafat Usmania in 1923 -- the present times are the most testing, dangerous and difficult for the entire Muslim Ummah !

Pakistan is the last fortress left standing with weapons strong enough to respond but we have the weakest and the most short sighted corrupt treacherous leadership. We are watching each and every move of this leadership and also noting their Khayanat which they are doing with Rasul Allah (sm). They have limited time left now. If Pakistan is hurt more because of their treason or stupidity, we will hold them responsible. This is our clear and last warning. Then the justice will not be in anglo-saxon courts but on streets.


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