Sunday, September 1, 2013

A war which started for Gas pipelines.......

A war which started for Gas pipelines, turned sectarian and ethnic in the beginning, then a regional conflict and now threatening to become a global war with all power getting drawn in within the Muslim Middle East.

Apart from general bloodshed in the Muslim Ummah, the fallout would also be bloody sectarian wars within the Muslim world as Iranis and Saudis support their factions all over the Muslim world.

This war in Syria only benefits Israel not the Ummah, not the world. Russia is fully backing Bashar because over $500 bn Gas market to Europe is now threatened by American companies backed by Saudis and Qataris.

Israel's gas line does not need Syria as it goes under the sea towards Europe, so Israel only wants chaos in Syria so that no one else can build their pipeline. Israel will gain land, sole monopoly over European Gas markets and also destroy a Muslim country and also ignite sectarian war within Muslim world. Muslims, as usual, cannot see this Israeli game.


Anonymous said...

Dushman k ek teer say kain shikaar.
Aur hum hain k hikmat e amli or vision say hali

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