Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wars are complex matters,and confused nations are bound to lose...

Every politician and ignorant Mullah is saying that Pakistan should get out of the American war. But no one is sure what does it mean? Pakistan today has the most insane, idiotic and crazy leadership ever in our history. They have totally confused the nation and themselves are destined for hell.

What must be done to make sure that we are out of the American war ? Is fighting the CIA/RAW backed TTP also fighting the American war or is it fighting AGAINST the Americans and In...dians ?

Is stopping the drones means that we are out of the American war? Is blocking the Afghanistan bound NATO supplies via ground route means coming out of American war ? Is blocking the Karachi bound NATO supplies means coming out of American war ? Is blocking the air bridge over Pakistan means coming out of US war?

Does protecting Afghan Taliban means coming out of US war ? Is resisting the CIA means coming out of US war ?

When we allow NATO supplies into Afghanistan under pressure but also fight the CIA backed TTP terrorists to defend Pakistan and also protect the Afghan Taliban, does this also mean that we are still fighting an American war ??? How stupid these mullahs and politicians can be, astaghfurullah !

Have TTP ever fought against US and CIA ? Have Afghan Taliban and Haqqani's have ever fought against Pakistan?

Today, Pakistan government is allowing the US supplies and is not ordering the drones to be stopped but Pakistan is also protecting the Afghan Taliban and Haqqanis and hekmatyar. Does that make us a Kafir state or a Mujahid state ?

Today, Pakistan is also being attacked by NATO, CIA and TTP. Our men are being killed by all these enemies. Does that make Pakistan a friend of NATO or enemy of NATO ? If Pak army men die fighting the CIA, TTP and NATO, would they be fighting the US war ??

Wars are complex matters, where you may be supporting the enemy on one axis due to your weakness but then you get back at it from another dimension where you have strength. helping the enemy in one axis does not mean you are also the enemy if you are hurting the enemy from covert means. Only those with vision can see that, idiots would only shout Kafir Kafir....

Pakistan's state is weakest at the moment. The democracy brought Zardari and Iftikhar Chaudrey and then Nawaz. What can army do under these chaos and crisis ? Still, if Pakistan is standing today, it is because of the army fighting against CIA backed Khawarij. DO NOT confuse the TTP's war with NATO supplies or drones. To stop NATO supplies, we need a strong government, which we do not have. Does that mean army has become Kafir ? How insane stupid JI and JUI can be. They have gone insane no doubt.

Wake up and know the Haqq. These snakes are paid to confuse you.


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